“If Deviate didn't make the Claymore, they'd be perfectly entitled to call the Highlander their trail and enduro bike. It feels even more stable and surefooted than the geometry numbers would suggest.

It's a good climber, especially on choppy terrain, so while it could happily tackle an enduro or two, it's a good choice for people who never plan to race and just have chunky trails to ride.”

- Pinkbike test

Wild Slope Bikes


"The crew over at Kavenz should pat themselves on the back for a job well done with the VHP16. Its composure on steep, rough trails is excellent, as is the traction it delivers when conditions take a turn for the worse. It's not an easy, or inexpensive frame to obtain, but riders that are lucky enough to get one for themselves are in for a real treat"

- Pinkbike test

By combining the excellent damping and the bottom-out control of the company’s coil shocks with a highly adjustable, dual-chamber air spring, EXT has created one the most versatile high-performance air shocks we have tested to date. Many marketing departments will use the words “coil-like” when describing their air shocks, but in EXT’s case, we feel it’s actually justified

- Vitalmtb test av Aria bakdemper

The Forestal performs in every situation on the trail. It doesn't matter whether it's flowing and flat or rough and steep, with the Siryon you'll have fun on any terrain.

- Enduro-mtb test

My new benchmark for an aggressive mountain bike brake, Hope’s Tech 4 V4’s are absolute powerhouses that deliver their stopping power in a well-controlled manner.

- The loam wolf test